2 Mar

On the left side of the page we see 3 groups. 3 image box, which are black boxes and 2 text boxes, which are outlined.
On the right side of the page the headline is on the top right corner, with an alignment of the 3 boxes. The black box is for the image and the outlined is for the text box.


One Response to “clustering.10”

  1. deniz cem önduygu March 3, 2010 at 8:16 pm #

    a general comment for all 10 of them: you sometimes create interesting relationships with the grid, but in general, they look too messy, like scattered around randomly. and it’s somewhat ambiguous, like in the example above: the ones on the left are tilted (disorder), but in a same angle (order), and when we look to the righe we see completely random tilts (disorder). so the overall look is ambiguous.

    and nearly all the elements you used are long thin rectangles, which is not an efficient way of presenting photographs and bodies of text in a layout. plus, same size elements look boring whatever you do. so you should have elements with different sizes and shapes.

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