Magazine Design Project

24 Mar

I’ll design a magazine for the brand “Bit Pazarı.” Name of the magazine could be
“As Kılık”, “Zoom”, “Üst Baş”, “Ritim”, “Giyimser”, “Bit’ce”. The magazine will be issued 4th ın a year. It is like a quarter. While the spring season is coming, our issue is the spring issue. Because of that the magazine will include the spring colors.
I thought about 2 parts of the magazine.

1) Features:
1.a) “Cihangir” is a part of it. The location of Bit Pazarı is in Cihangir, because of that I want to give an idea to the people about Cihangir. Like where they can eat, drink, visit and also the other shops near the Bit Pazarı.

1.b) “Outdoor activities”. I found ıt very interesting especially to the young people. It can be include, horse riding, paint ball, shot arrows, tracking, camping etc…

1.c) “University Festival” is the last part of it. Most of the Bit Pazarı customers are the young people, because of that I want to focus on the new coming University Festivals in Turkey.

2) Department Topic:
2.a)”Event Agenda”, which includes Art, Music, Book, Film&Theather and Dans. Their content is like the new events in the tawn, they will be divided by day and time. It will help the customer, what they can do in any time in any location.

2.b) “Astrology”

2.c) “Recently”, the new design objects according to edito, like what is in and what is out.


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