We All Do Love ‘Apple’

9 May

Millward Brown published the ‘BrandZ Top 100 Most Valuable Global Brands 2011′ list to show that Apple claimed the number one position from the last 4 year’s leader Google.

The Apple brand value was set a 153 billion $ with an 84% increase over 2010. The total increase since 2006 is a stunning 859%. This is an achievement which will be very hard to top.

Google is named 2nd with 111 billion $ preceding IBM which realized a 17% increase over 2010 to finish with 101 billion $. The rest of the list is given at http://www.millwardbrown.com/BrandZ/Default.aspx ; keep in mind that Facebook is enjoying a hefty increase of 246% over last year, which gives us the idea where it is going to be in the very near future.

Apple makes every Mac user proud and happy even in the days when our beloved Steve Jobs is out sick. Let’s hope for all the best for the people who contributed significantly in the brand’s enormous success.

(Thanks to Serdar Çaşkurlu)


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