Adjustable Stand For iPhone And iPad

13 Jul

The world seems to have an insatiable appetite for Apple accessories. It’s no coincidence that Kickstarter’s biggest success ever is Scott Wilson’s wristbands for the Nano. Now, another promising product has popped up on the crowd-funding site: the Infinite Loop, a tube that bends into a stand for your iPad, iPod, or iPhone.

Where other iPad and iPhone stands are limited to only a few positions, InfiniteLoop can be twisted into whatever application you can imagine (and many we’d rather not). Made of molded plastic with a twin-metal core, the Infinite Loop is strong enough to support the weight of a tablet, which is secured in place with suction caps and adjustable side clips. When not in use, the stand can be rolled up into a tight coil.

Kickstarter pledgers can pre-order the four-foot Infinite Loop (suitable for tablet-sized monitors) for $35, or the two-foot Mini (for smartphones and MP3 players) for $19. The designer, Tim Gushue, expects them both to go into production in August, and he’s planning a speaker add-on and a camera mount.

With 10 more days of funding left, the project has already received double its original goal of $27,000 — proving, yet again, that there’s always room for another smart Apple accessory in a crowded market.


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